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Top-Notch Concrete Foundation Contractors In Quincy MA

concrete foundation contractors quincy

concrete foundation contractors

At Quincy Concrete Services, we have the best concrete foundation contractors Quincy MA has to offer. Our reputation is very important to us. We are industry leaders in concrete services in the south shore. You can count us to help with all of your concrete foundation needs. No matter what your project is, we are confident in our abilities to give you the best. Count on Quincy Concrete Services for all your foundation installation needs.

Our 3 Major Concrete Foundation Solutions

Foundation construction is one of the most common calls we receive from residential and commercial customers. We typically use 3 major foundation designs: poured wall foundations, slab foundations and pier or pillar foundations.

1. Slab Foundations

Because they do not require the need for major excavations, foundations walls or footings, slab foundations are sometimes preferred due to being simpler, less of a property disruption to install and more economical. The area of the slab foundation is usually staked out and the top layer of soil or sod is removed.

2. Pier And Pillar Foundations

Pier foundations use footers that are meant to support a structural beam or post. A simple pier foundation is an option for small structures that are built using a crawl-space design. Anchor plates and bolts are secured into place in the pier footer before the concrete fully sets. Attaching the beam or post is thus simplified and as such, results in the most strongest of applications. Pier foundations are usually set deep into the ground to avoid the disruption and shifting that may occur caused by freeze and thaw cycles.

3. Poured Wall Foundations

Different than block foundations, poured concrete foundations offer the advantage of having no joints or any weak points. Throughout the foundation, there are no hollow openings throughout. This results in poured wall foundations presenting a number of benefits such as:

  • Increased Water Resistance
  • Increased Fire Resistance
  • Design Flexibility
  • Ease Of Maintenance

On the flip side, concrete blocks used to build block foundations are naturally hollow and so they tend to be more vulnerable to damage especially when subjected to high compression stresses.

Typically, poured wall foundations have large and heavy wooden forms that are constructed and secured. This allows it to sustain the amount of pressure that it will be subjected to during the concrete pour. In one continuous pour, concrete is then poured into the foundation forms to ensure that there no weak spots throughout the foundation. Poured concrete foundations are usually strengthened by reinforced steel.

Quincy Concrete Services Team

Quincy Concrete Services specializes in residential and commercial poured footings, walls, slabs, patios, driveways, sidewalks and stamped concrete. We are a full service concrete provider including any grading and excavation needed.

We proudly serve Quincy, Weymouth, Milton, Boston, Hingham, Hull and other surrounding areas., Our team also does specialty work such as arched walls, radius walls and partner with local engineers and architects. Our best concrete contractors in Quincy team provides prompt, professional service, quality workmanship, and detailed job knowledge at a very competitive price.

Our team understands the project challenges you face because we’ve also faced them ourselves while at hundreds of job-sites that required concrete services. What’s more, we’ve found solutions that benefit each client, whether its a residential or commercial project.

Our Additional Concrete Services

As the best concrete services in and around Quincy MA, we offer an impressive range of concrete installation and repair services. So no matter if it’s a storage shed pad or slab foundation work- we are here to help you with any and every requirement. Our services include-

Slabs And Home Foundations

We follow the highest standards in guaranteeing that your interior and exterior slabs have long-lasting, durable performance.


We install some of the best curbs that don’t just show uniform support, but on top of that stand out as an exceptionally durable product.

Concrete Walls

We are extremely professional and technical in our concrete wall projects. So, when you choose us, you’ll get to adventure into a wide range of customization options.

Stamped Concrete

When we do stamped concrete, we are very professional and go about each pour methodically. Only the best tools are used to install the best grade of stamped concrete in your home or commercial property.

Storage Shed Pad Foundation

If you’re looking to make your building last long with little to no maintenance, our storage shed pad foundations will always be a good idea. Our team has created foundations that are strong, durable and incredibly long-lasting.

Why Choose Us As Your Quincy MA Concrete Foundation Contractors?

Quincy Concrete Services strives to use the most recent concrete innovations and customer satisfaction requirements. We incorporate present-day best practices in all of our projects with timeless beauty. This philosophy has allowed us to always go beyond client expectations in producing durable and elegant concrete products whatever the project is – from minimal residential concrete pours to large industrial construction projects.

Our team is honored to be among Quincy and Boston’s most respected concrete contractors. It’s our privilege to provide to exceptional concrete services.

The climate in New England can sometimes be unforgiving to your concrete patios, walkways, and driveways. As one of the top Quincy concrete contractors, we  understand the particulars of fixing your beautiful concrete. Give us a call today!

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