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#1 Trusted Masonry And Hardscape Contractors Quincy, MA

pool Apron done by Quincy Concrete Services

Are you looking for the best Masonry Contractors in Quincy, MA? Well, you are in the right place, and we’ve got you covered. Quincy Concrete Services is a reputed masonry company that specializes in both residential and commercial concrete services around Quincy, MA, and its surrounding areas. Whether you are considering remodeling, hardscaping, or needing to address the driveway, we are always ready to visualize your plan proficiently and professionally.

Our company is one of the most reliable residential and commercial concrete contractors in Quincy, MA. Concrete is the opus for the entire team, and we are dedicated to making our clients’ dreams come to reality. Read on to apprehend more about Quincy Concrete Services and what we are all about.

About Quincy Concrete Services’ Masonry Contractors

Quincy Masonry Contractors

Every part of your home is an asset, especially the exterior surroundings. Concrete driveways, patios, and walkways provide passageways that enhance the general architectural style of a home. In that regard, it is imperative to ensure that these outdoor features of your home are enhanced to make the entire home aesthetically appealing, durable, and easy to maintain.

At Quincy Concrete Services, we provide structural and ornamental masonry services for a wide range of construction services, including concrete construction and repair, brick masonry, block masonry, and stone masonry. We also work with different styles of bricks, blocks, or stones in all stages of construction. From the foundation to finishing, we offer exceptional artistry and trustworthiness at an affordable cost. Additionally, we provide other masonry services, including Block Wall, Concrete Stairs, Retaining Wall, Stone Walls, Concrete Pavers, Veneer, Concrete Patio, Bluestone, and Excavation Services.

Quincy Concrete Services strives to create long-lasting relationships with all our clients by grounding ourselves on trust, efficiency, and quality. Since Quincy Concrete Services delivers the highest quality masonry contractors in Quincy MA, we are your best choice. Apart from the services stated, we also offer general concrete contracting services to the people in need of hardscaping, masonry repair, masonry construction, and brick masonry in Quincy, MA, and the surrounding areas.

Quincy Concrete Services does not boast in the experience and knowledge in writing only. Our previous work reflects the dedication to satisfying the construction needs of the clients in Quincy, MA. The company has been in the concrete construction industry for quite a long time, which gives the team an advantage when handling both small and large residential and commercial concrete projects. Furthermore, we all specialize in constructing and transforming concrete steps, patios, concrete floors, garages, foundations, and many more! Quincy Concrete Services offers its excellent services all over Quincy, Massachusetts, and other areas like Boston, Braintree, Brookline, Hingham, Hull, Milton, and Weymouth.

As an outstanding concrete service provider in Quincy, MA, the company provides reliable concrete installations at affordable prices. Quincy Concrete Services is all about turning your dreams into reality through quality and reasonably affordable general masonry construction.

Services Offered By Quincy Masonry Contractors

For the best part of masonry repair, hardscaping building, or masonry restoration, people go for stone and concrete contractors for more significant installations like concrete patios, driveways, and walkways. In general, brick, block, pavers or stonework installations add more functionality and visual appeal to your home in Quincy, Massachusetts. Pavers come in different types of colors, sizes, and shapes. Therefore, you need to choose the right vendor to help you pick a color and plan that complements the existing landscaping. This is exactly what Quincy Concrete Services is good at.

Also, our masonry contractors will help you add a visual appeal and worth to your building from the installation of brand new exterior columns to excavation services to repair the chimney. The team working at this company comprehends the kind of installation that makes the more sense for the Quincy, MA climate, and local style.

We can be quite helpful if you need to construct a split-stone granite wall in your kitchen, Concrete Stairs, or traditional brick masonry on the fireplace façade. If you are working with an experienced architect or designer, they will refer you to us. So, if you want professionals that will complement the work of the stone, pavers, and concrete, do not hesitate to contact Quincy Concrete Services in Quincy, MA. We can handle all your masonry requirements. Including;

  • New installations.
  • Both interior and exterior work.
  • Large and small scale remodeling.
  • Repairs to existing stonework, brick walls, hardscapes, and concrete work.
  • Material maintenance, etc.


As a reputable masonry contractor, Quincy Concrete Services uses bricks, blocks, stone, pavers, and other products for architectural and structural applications. Below are the headlining masonry and hardscaping services offered in Quincy, MA:

Our Quincy Mason Contractors For Block Wall Installations, Repairs And Maintenance

Our block masonry contractors can provide durable blocks for constructing and repairing block walls in residential and commercial properties. Also, they can install appealing block walls using customized blocks. As the leading brick masonry company in Quincy, MA, we provide top-notch protocols for all block wall installations, repairs, and maintenance services. Apart from that, we provide an excellent service for both stone and brick pavers.

Concrete Stairs

Quincy Masonry Stairs

Most landscapes in Massachusetts require staircases in different areas. For instance, if you have an elevated deck, poolscape, or even a patio, you will safe and appealing steps to move from one step level to another. Quincy Concrete Services can design and install a durable and appealing concrete staircase.

Also, we can install or renovate different landscape stairs, depending on how you like it appears. If, for example, you have a multi-leveled landscape or live on a sloping area, the concrete installation team can create beautiful staircases that can blend perfectly with the area topography.

We use high-grade concrete materials and construction techniques to deliver concrete steps that look great, easy to maintain, and those that can last for many years. We offer concrete stairs that are either stamped stained or textured, depending on what the client wants. Also, we can install paver steps in you like.

Retaining Walls

At times a retaining wall is needed to maintain the architectural and structural integrity of your home. Retaining walls do not have to detract the appearance of your backyard. With carefully laid concrete masonry, we can raise walls that can be pleasing to your eyes. Quincy Concrete Services consider the following factors when constructing a retaining wall:

Distribution Of Pressure

The structure should withstand all the pressure released from the earth’s soil behind it.

Water Management

Water should be channeled away from the retaining wall to prevent moisture from pooling behind it.

Final Appearance

Quincy Pool Patio Hardscape

Quincy Concrete Services emphasizes the final appearance of the retaining wall. Therefore, we add a look of your choice and also advice where necessary to construct a retaining wall that complements the appearance of other structures around.

The engineered retaining walls help in providing support to the landscape whilst preventing soil erosion. Remember that we also use modular concrete masonry bricks, blocks, and natural stones in the construction of the supporting walls. If you will, we can design a dual functioning wall where the walls have planters and seating elements.

Quincy Stone Wall Contractors

Stone Walls

We are also experts in constructing stone walls. Stone walls make one of the most appealing structures in both residential and commercial properties. We offer different types of stone for installing or repairing walls. We try to work hard to fulfill what you envision. Therefore, do not hesitate to call Quincy Concrete Services in Quincy, MA, for stone wall construction or maintenance.




Concrete Pavers

Quincy Pavers Contractors

Concrete pavers are a long-lasting way of enhancing walkways, patios, or pool decks. If you are trying to choose the ideal type of pavers, Quincy Concrete Services can make the work more manageable because we have all resources ready for application. In most cases, the best way to show off your patio pavers is through a water feature or decorative stamped concrete and curbing, which runs alongside the matching pathway. Concrete pavers are an ideal alternative for stairs, sidewalks, and more. Also, brick paver and brick masonry repairs can be customized to meet your needs. So, do not worry whether or not Quincy Concrete Services can accommodate your lovely brick masonry project.

Our Quincy MA Masonry Contractors Are Experts In Walkways


With a unique design composed of your ideal pavers, masonry walkway can be quite a work of art. Quincy Concrete Services from Quincy, MA, can lay a complete sidewalk in front of the house or along a winding garden path. We give masonry walkways a touch of class and elegance.


Veneers are those tiny tiles of natural stones that are affixed to different surfaces. Cultured stone and veneer have a natural underlying appeal. We use different types of stones in various features of landscaping elements. Nonetheless, not all structures blend well with natural stones since most of them are quite heavy. The installation also requires sophisticated techniques, making the project a little more costly. However, if you want the look and appearance of the natural stones, our team can include the cultured stone and veneers on the features we design and construct on-site for you.

Concrete Patio

beautiful Pation done by Quincy Concrete Services

Most homes nowadays have patios. And the best way to make your patio pleasant is by having the right people work on the steps, walkways, and surfaces to your patio. Being an excellent addition to any residential yard, you need to call us if you live in Quincy and surrounding areas.

This structure enlarges your home’s indoor spaces, which allow you to make use of the outdoor areas optimally. Whether you need a simple patio or one with classy retaining and seating walls around it, Quincy Concrete Services can offer you the best services. Our team can handle all client requirements. Additionally, we include high-grade paving stones during the installation. If you fancy a concrete patio, the team can handle deliver precisely that. The team can also stain, stamp, and color the concrete patio and create unique textures and designs. Working with Quincy Concrete Services guarantees you a stunning patio.


Bluestones are bluish or greyish building materials that come from natural rocks if you are new to bluestone. The pavers are some of the most durable masonry stone options for constructing driveways and several other surfaces. These bluestone pavers are cut from the inner part of the Stonehenge and then laid into an already prepared surface. Bluestone pavers are quite simple to care for and maintain. Furthermore, they do not need regular maintenance other than preferable washing. Also, they are long-lasting and very appealing, making surfaces aesthetically appealing. Therefore, if you want Bluestone pavers, consider working with reliable stone masonry contractors in Quincy, MA.

Quincy MA Excavation Services

Quincy Concrete Services also offer excavation services to clients that require them. As we mentioned earlier, all our services, including exaction, are affordable and worth investing in. Therefore, if you reside in Quincy, MA, and its surroundings, check us out for affordable, quality, and professional excavation services, masonry restorations, and general masonry construction.

Why Choose Us For All Your Masonry And Hardscaping Needs In Quincy, MA?

You can always count on Quincy Concrete Services for the following reasons:

Our Quincy MA Masonry Contractors Have Years Of Experience

Quincy Concrete Services has years of combined concrete and masonry building experience. That means Quincy general hardscape contractors have both old and new school masonry construction and masonry restorations skills. In short, the team is very experienced in general masonry construction. Therefore, choose us for innovative designs, affordable prices, and top-quality artistry before starting your project.

Scope Of Work

The company ensures that we layout several project details to make the job successful. That means that Quincy Concrete Services are very systematic and conscious of what masonry requirements. The team has mastered the craft of masonry, and these are some of the main details we address before commencing with the project:

  • Materials and where to get the best quality.
  • The right individuals to work on the project.
  • The number of people that will be at your home.
  • A complete timeline for the project.

Adherence To The City Codes

The housing authorities have set laws to be followed by all homeowners and those who are doing the construction. Quincy Concrete Services are aware of these codes, and we always abide by them. Since we work by the laws of the book, you have nothing to worry about. We take care of permits and approvals using proper channels.

License And Insurance

You are always covered when working with Quincy Concrete Services for all your masonry and hardscaping needs in Quincy, MA, and its environs. The state and local authorities have specific requirements for licensing and insurance. If you need proof, we can always provide for you to be sure that you are dealing with the right concrete contractors.

Transparent And Affordable Payment Method

The company’s payment method and schedule are clear and transparent. Our payment model tries to protect the company and the clients alike. Visit our website to get free quotes and see the company’s payment model. We are confident that it suits your needs.

Good Reputation

Our Quincy masonry and hardscape contractors have an outstanding reputation. If you check most of the online reviews, you will surely be overwhelmed by the satisfaction of the previous and present clients. Therefore, be lest assured that masonry services from Quincy Concrete Services are top quality and satisfactory.

Why We Are The Best Masonry And Hardscape Contractors Company In Quincy, MA?

Quincy Concrete Services have a perfect and reliable job site. You can access all the necessary services and contacts from the website. Also, its user-friendly, meaning it is easy to navigate for all types of internet users.

Also, the team is attentive and professional when attending to its customers, unlike some masonry contractors in Quincy, MA, who do not bother about the customer’s feedback. An excellent customer care service is what you should expect from Quincy Concrete Services.

Furthermore, the project change procedure is not that complicated, like our counterparts in Quincy, Massachusetts. Before the project, we must sign an agreement with the client to take care of any changes that may need the approval to advance or not.

Quincy Concrete Services are among the very few flexible hardscape contractors and masonry contractors in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Additionally, the working terms are obvious and considerate to all the clients.

Why Choose Our Quincy Hardscape Contractors?

Hardscaping involves several human-made structures, like pathways and walls, which are integrated into landscape architecture. Pavements, driveways, fountains, pathways, patios, and decks are features of modern yard hardscapes. In most cases, hardscape materials include brick, concrete, boulders, stone, metal, gravel, mulch, pottery, and even wood. Working with the best contractor can guarantee you the best results. The following are reasons why you need to lobby for hardscaping services from Quincy Concrete Services in Quincy, MA.

  • Requires deficient maintenance.
  • Water-efficient.
  • Increases the property value.
  • Extend entertainment spaces within your property.
  • Reduced soil erosion.

Why Hire Our Quincy Masonry Contractors?

As you see, Quincy Concrete Services is the only masonry and hardscape contractor company you can trust in Quincy, MA, and the surrounding areas. The quality of techniques and material we choose to work with can make your home appealing, durable, and add value for those planning to sell their properties. Also, the cost of services is quite affordable for many homeowners. Quincy Concrete Services handles every single project skillfully and professionally to meet the demands of every property owner.

Contact Us Today To Hire The Best Quincy Masonry Contractors And Hardscape Contractors!

If you are looking for stunning and functional interior and exterior structures that will increase the value and appeal of your home, feel free to contact Quincy Concrete Services at 781-384-6454. We are dedicated to bringing Quincy, MA, and the surrounding areas quality masonry and hardscape services for reasonably affordable prices. We look forward to working with you to visualize all your concrete needs.